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Emerson Edward Palmer Will
Emerson Edward Palmer Will
Emerson Edward Palmer Will 
Francis Cooke Will
Francis Cooke Will
JC Halbrooks Info
JC Halbrooks Info
There is a Guardianhip in the Worcester Co Mass Probate Court, #30060
for NATHAN HOLBROOK: of Upton, dated Nov 18 1819 which names: NATHAN;
MAHALIA; SEREPTA; "minor children to NATHAN HOLBROOK, late of Upton.
Guardianship ( of these minor children) to Ward Baker. Bond $10,000 Silas Warren & Stephen Taft sureties. Vol 193 p. 75, Vol 137 p. 8

I have this deceased Nathan Holbrook married to Lydia Hayward. Have
his named minor son, also Nathan marrying in 1831, age 29, in Croydon NH.
Have Serepta married to Nathan Putnam, which is close, but not exact to
your info. Could she have first married Nathan Putnam, then later,
you have it as 1833 marrying his brother ( or other family)?

Do you have her issue? What further info do you have on her or Augustus
Wayne Putnam?

You also asked about Hannah Amanda Holbrook and outlined her lineage. i
have from Peter Holbrook, my # 12464 on back. Have a tenative
connection to Henry Holbrook whom you have b. 1777. My info shows he
lived later in Steuben Co NY, then he and two children, Henry H.
Holbrook and Elzina Holbrook to Illinois in 1848, where he d. 1842.
I do not see Peter 1808 or hannah Amanda 1840. CAN YOU PLEASE SEND
FURTHER ( & ALL POSSIBLE ) INFO ON THEM? I may have further info on
them but do not have info identified to them yet. There are about 50'
of 3x5 cards to start with. Peter must show in the census somewhere. I
have all indexed US census 1790-1910 Holbrook entries, about 11,000. The
problem is identifying WHICH rascal is who. With your info, dates,
places, spousesx, issue, this often gives enough points of
identification to identify census and other sources info.
I look forward to your info. If there is very much of it, please
photocopy and snail. Net info tends to be "info lite" as no one wants to
type large amounts of data. don't think it has to be "pretty printed"
either. Just plain old copies of charts, notes, etc. are fine. Kindly
let me know if you are mailing so I will not expect it tomorrow.
JC Halbrooks
357 Snake Meadow Hill Road Sterling CT 06377 
John Christopher Herber Will
John Christopher Herber Will
Mary Chilton Will
Mary Chilton Will